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My Philosophy

Hi and welcome to my page. I currently have three businesses and you can find links to each above.  The core of my philosophy is building relationships and positivity. It is very easy in this world to overlook the importance of a connection between two people. If you want to work closely with someone then you have to have trust, openness and a belief in who they are.

I bring something unique to all of my business endeavours. As corny as it sounds that is my personality, I enjoy good humour and a calm atmosphere. Whilst success and financial freedom is hugely important to me, this does not come unless you are able to connect with and help others.  That is what I do. I connect with people, build rapport and if we match then we work together. If we do not then hopefully I can point you in the direction of someone else.

I would love to connect with you and find out what it is you need and see if I can help.

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  • Call - 07879468308
  • Email - MarkLotsu@hotmail.com