Mental Illness

My Struggle with Mental Illness

So, I said goodbye to a friend today and that friend suffered from mental illness and they had been struggling for a number of years and as a result, they are no longer here.

I wanted to just draw people’s attention to it because one in four people suffer from mental health issues, both in the UK and globally, and there is just not enough done about it. In terms of the economic burden, as it were, mental health issues is the largest single source of world economic burden that there is, greater than cancer, diabetes, any of the others, it’s world mental health, and yet over 40 percent of the countries in the world don’t have a mental health policy.

There are people that you know, or you may be suffering from it, I know, you know, year, year and a half ago, I went through severe depression, I was contemplating suicide, I mean, there’s no two ways about it. I was in a place where I just didn’t want to be, I just felt like I didn’t want to carry on. And as a result of having so much love and support around me and, I think for me, it being a short time period, it being a short time period for me, I felt like I was better able to deal with it, I don’t know if that makes any sense, but there are people that go through this for years and years and years, and that is just… I just couldn’t contemplate having to put up with it, having to deal with it, having the demons there. Just having that feeling of, you’re not worthwhile, you’re not enough, you don’t deserve to be around, you shouldn’t be here. Like that… is just crushing. And you’re right, it is the stigma, it’s the neglect, it’s the discrimination, and when people don’t acknowledge it, when people don’t talk about it, the people who are suffering think that they are on their own. And this is just my opinion, I’m just guessing here, spitballing as it were, think that there is no one there to help and of the people who suffer, more than two thirds don’t seek help. So they kind of, so they’re dealing with it on their own.

I guess what I wanted really to say is, thank you for the support and, you know, thank you for your messages and all of that, but I think what would be much better is if you know someone who’s going through a tough time, it may be financially, it may be socially, it may be in their work, if you know someone going through a tough time then reach out to them, just send them a message, show them some love, do something… If everyone reading this did one nice thing for someone that they felt could do with something nice being done for them, even if it’s something you don’t do every day, even if it just makes a cup of tea, or cook them a meal, or take them out, or just do something. If everybody did one nice thing for someone that they don’t normally do, then there would be way more love in the world. And I think it’s a case of just spreading as much love and happiness as you can because the power of your words, you can either give someone a ray of sunshine or you can cause them depression and despair, triggering doom and gloom. And I think there needs to be more sunshine and more love, and more awareness. So talking to people, you know, speak to people, share this with people. Know that it’s okay to talk about it, and if you feel like you can’t talk to anyone, there are people you can talk to, hell, send me a message, talk to people about it because that I think is the important thing. The more people know about this, the more people can share this, OK.


Love you, bye.

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