Lotsu Massage

Lotsu Massage

I have an ITEC qualification in Swedish full body massage and Deep Tissue massage. The fundamentals of my practise are based on anatomy and physiology and responding to the needs of the patient’s body.  I am a firm believer that whilst it may feel very nice to have a routine massage, this is not of great benefit to most people.

During the consultation phase of the treatment, clients can highlight any areas they feel that need more focus or work.  I will then perform a tactic assessment during the initial stages of the massage to “feel” for specific areas of knots or “stress” in the body.  Underlying symptoms in one area of the body can also be affecting other areas. This is also addressed and treated.

Communication (before, during and after)  is key to a productive and effective massage treatment. I will want to know about your life, work, hobbies, sleep and eating patterns as these will indicate to me any areas that will require more focus.

Due to the drainage effect of massage, there will be an increase in the loss of water and salts from your body. Blood flow is increased, and this increases the removal of toxins from your muscles and draining water from tissue fluid, which could cause swelling in limbs.

After the massage is finished, I am very insistent on aftercare. The process is very much a holistic approach to looking after your body. You will receive a bottle of water and a hydration sachet to drink within one hour after the massage. This replaces water and salts lost from your system. You will also be offered a piece of fruit to increase your blood sugar concentration, reducing the onset of tiredness.

I would like to feel I do not just perform a Swedish massage but help people to make a real change in their lives by being more aware of how they are living and what that is doing to their body.

If you would like to speak to me further about this then please give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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30 minutes  - £30

60 minutes  - £55


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