I am a patient tutor, with in-depth knowledge of science based on 16 years of teaching experience in both the state and private sector.

I have held many positions of responsibility including Head of Sixth Form, Head of Biology and Head of PSHCE. I have an understanding of the pitfalls that students face and how to overcome them. I have been an examiner for 5 years, marking thousands of scripts and easily identifying key areas that the majority of pupils struggle with time and time again.

My tutoring style is very relaxed and incorporates humour to build rapport with students quickly. I do, however, insist on the highest standards of work ethic and focus when required during the sessions. I understand that students can struggle with certain topics, but the simple repetition of “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand” which can be easily accepted in a full classroom environment is not something I tolerate.  Today’s teenagers do not employ their mathematical brains enough and instead rely on the calculator. In my sessions, this is only needed if the calculation is too complex for the human brain to handle. I am happy to go back to basics when it comes to explaining simple concepts that have been overlooked in the past.

As a science tutor, I help improve not only their understanding of the joys of science, but feel I also contribute to their personal development and growth in other areas of life. Whilst I am not paid to discipline students, I am happy to point out the error of their ways in no uncertain terms if I feel they must be explained.

I hope that this has given you a flavour of my style and expectations. If you think that this would be suited to your son/daughter please feel free to get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.

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1 Hour GCSE - £60

1 Hour A'Level - £60

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